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Energy Price Bulletin


Energy Capital Research Group’s flagship publication, Energy Price Bulletin, exemplifies all of ECRG’s guiding principles – speed, focus on fundamental pivot points, and the interplay between oil, gas and coal. Energy Price Bulletin is designed to provide clients with the most pertinent daily pricing data for energy markets, delivered in one convenient pre-market email and supplemented with concise, compelling commentary and predictive analysis.

In the Energy Price Bulletin, ECRG reports on supply/demand dynamics; select regional price points for added insight on important local markets; key statistics which provide context for the underlying market commentary; and also summary data points that provide a high-level glimpse into other, more granular ECRG products. The conditions of today’s commodities markets are challenging, and so Energy Price Bulletin’s daily commentary is dedicated to explaining the prior day’s price moves and providing insights on where markets are headed now – focusing on the upcoming days and weeks, rather than years and decades.