About Us

Energy Capital Research Group was founded in 2015 in the wake of a tumultuous period of transition and volatility in the energy complex. ECRG’s principals were dissatisfied with the general failure of markets, the investment community and major industry consulting firms to better anticipate major price shifts which seemed readily apparent on a basic supply and demand fundamental analysis. Our founders blamed the largescale market miss on a combination of groupthink, conflicts of interest and institutional bureaucratic torpor, and launched ECRG with the mindset that viewing the market through a lens of objectivity and alacrity would lead to improved predictive projections.

ECRG’s focus on nimble yet accurate daily intelligence and projections is supported by our emphasis on critical supply and demand pivot points. While we do track energy markets at the macro level, many of our products hone in on market segments and drivers which stand to have the greatest impact on supply, demand and pricing; such as coal and gas power switching, operator access to capital and Chinese oil and coal demand.

Our products also focus heavily on the interplay between oil, gas and coal. It strikes us as odd that most analysts tend to focus myopically on oil and gas or coal, given the tremendous impact that power switching has on both coal and gas prices; what a critical cost component coal is for steel, which in turn is a major factor in oil and gas costs; and how important diesel prices are for coal mining costs, for example. Instead, ECRG takes a holistic approach to hydrocarbon analysis, and our collective backgrounds lend themselves to that approach.

Our collective backgrounds also afford consumers with an experienced energy research team, unlike any other, with members who have actual industry experience transacting the fuels we cover and teaching energy at the university level.  Collectively, we have advised many of the largest financial and energy firms, law firms and governments globally. Our unparalleled knowledge of energy markets and assets has benefitted our clients in a wide range of decisions, from strategic to investment, for decades. Our truly independent, predictive analysis is a critical “one-stop-shop” for evaluating the energy space.